Chinese Entrepreneurs and Investors visit Renmark
On 16 and 17 July 2019, more than 30 Chinese entrepreneurs and investors visited Renmark with the aim to identify investment opportunities in the region. The delegation of entrepreneurs has previously attended the Australia China Economic Trade and Investment Expo (ACETIE) in Melbourne.
The Renmark Country Club hosted the delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs and facilitated a meeting on 17 July enabling several local businesses to present their investment opportunities to the delegation. The meeting also enabled several of the Chinese delegation to showcase their respective businesses. Several opportunities discussed were airport investment, solar power, mining, residential development, exports and migration. Mayor Neil Martinson was also present and officially welcomed the delegation to Renmark. “We are thankful to Cathy and Geoff from the Renmark Country Club for facilitating this opportunity and we hope that the meeting will result in future investment into our district’ Mayor Martinson said. This meeting also represented the commencement of the Riverland Australia China Trade and Investment Hub, a strategic cooperation initiative between the Director of Renmark Country Club, Cathy Qu and Director of Standey (Australia) Group Dajiang Zhu. They intend to continue to introduce projects and investment opportunities between Australian and Chinese enterprises. Cathy Qu said in the conference, “We hope we can build a bridge between local and Chinese business, we are more than happy to give our contribution to the local community.”